Income inequality has been a hot political topic in the United States. But is it as stark as commonly thought?

The Census Bureau’s methodology of calculating household income, the basis for most policy debates about income, poverty and inequality, is brought into question by a new book: “The Myth of American Inequality” by former U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm and two co-authors.

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Nineteen-year-old Trent Lehrkamp — who police say was left by three minors at the hospital emergency room covered in spray paint, barely breathing and with a mixture of drugs and alcohol in his system that nearly killed him — is out of the intensive care unit.

Cries for justice rang loudly down Parkwood Avenue on Monday where more than 200 people gathered to pray, show their support and, most of all, to call for arrests to be made in the incident that police say put Trent Lehrkamp in the hospital in critical condition and on a ventilator.