Graduation Day is perhaps the most bittersweet day in a teenager’s life. Yes, there is plenty to celebrate considering the accomplishment at hand, but it is also an ending to a very important part of their lives.

Thursday and today, the senior classes at Brunswick High and Glynn Academy will take that final step in their high school careers and receive their diplomas. Last Saturday, the senior class at Frederica Academy ended their high school journeys.

We are excited for all the students that put in the hard work throughout the years to get this far. Now, we hope you are ready to work just as hard, or even harder, as you move through the rest of your lives.

What happens next is among the scariest steps you will take in your entire life. Ever since kindergarten, your world has more or less revolved around going to school. You knew that from around 7 or 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every weekday, you were going to be in school.

A lot of you are still going to be in school as you venture off to college. Some of you may be heading straight into the workforce. Either way, the rest of your life is in your hands and that can be a scary proposition at times.

We encourage you not to let that fear slow you down. By graduating high school, every one of you has proven to have a fire inside of yourself to better your future. Whether you are heading to college or into the workforce, don’t lose that desire for self-improvement.

We have enjoyed plastering your exploits on our pages, whether it was winning a state championship or celebrating success in the classroom. The Class of 2019 has provided plenty of inspiring stories for future generations to follow. We hope you cherish the memories from your high school days for the rest of your lives.

But we know the best is still yet to come. We look forward to seeing the Class of 2019’s future exploits taking up our space in the near future. Congratulations to all the graduates, and may your futures bring you all nothing but joy and prosperity.

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