When you put a lot of time and effort in to achieve a goal and come up short, it can be a very deflating experience. It is hard to focus on the positives that helped you come some close to achieving your goal in the aftermath of having it snatched away from you near the finish line.

Take, for example, the Clemson football team. The team had won 29 straight games, including one national championship, going into Monday’s College Football Playoff championship against LSU but lost 42-25 in their bid to repeat as champions. Despite all the success they already had, we imagine that was lost on the players and coaches in the immediate aftermath of Monday’s game.

In some ways, the city of Brunswick can relate to what Clemson is feeling. The city was not one of the five finalist selected for the TV show “Small Business Revolution” — a show that focuses on small towns that have struggled and deserve help and money to support small businesses. Being selected for the show would have meant Brunswick was the focus of an eight-episode documentary, with the added bonus of earning a $500,000 award for brick and mortar work and in-kind marketing for individual businesses in the community.

The cities that were selected as the five finalist were Benica, Calif.; Fredonia, N.Y.; Livingston, Mont.; Spearfish, S.D. and The Dalles, Ore. While we are sure those are fine cities, we can’t help but be a little bias to Brunswick being a better choice.

For us at The News however, the news that Brunswick wasn’t one of the finalist was a massive shock. We had received an email from a public relations firm on Jan. 6 telling us that Brunswick had been selected, but that we couldn’t report it until the announcement was made.

We held up our end of the bargain, keeping it confidential until the announcement was supposed to be made. Then the announcement came, and Brunswick wasn’t one of the finalists. It was confusing to say the least.

As it turned out, we had been sent the email by mistake. Everyone involved in the fiasco apologized — we appreciate that and understand that we are all human and make mistakes — but it still leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

But that is not what we want people to remember when they look back at Brunswick’s bid to be on “Small Business Revolution.” What we want them to see is the positives that came from the effort.

Our business community rallied together quickly to mount a campaign that brought a lot of attention to our city. Everyone chipped in to help, looking for creative ways to help spread the word about why our city deserved to be featured on the show.

The people that came together to make this push deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. The fact that we weren’t chosen shouldn’t reflect on those that led the campaign. Without their efforts, we wouldn’t have been in the running in the first place.

Brunswick is a city that is on the rise. While not being selected for the show is disappointing, it’s nowhere near enough to derail the positive momentum the city has right now.

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