The economy has surged and bounced back the way we hoped it would with Donald Trump as president. Consumer confidence is back and unemployment rates are at some of their lowest in our country’s history.

Those are the results we wanted to see when we suggested him as our pick in 2016.

He is not, however, a perfect president, and that shows in his willingness to attack the press, especially when the press is simply doing its job and presenting facts for the public’s consideration.

We stand today with newspapers across the country who are pointing out the damaging impacts of Trump’s broad-based attacks on journalists across this country as “fake news,” “dangerous and sick,” and the “enemy of the people.”

An independent press is a cornerstone of the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Step one of the fascist playbook is to undermine the press’ ability to do its job properly, which means without government interference.

We understand that not all journalists are ethical and doing their jobs properly. No industry is without its faults. But on a large scale, there are journalists in communities across this great nation who are informing and fighting for the little guy against bloated government bureaucracies that, if unchecked, will trample on basic rights of its people.

The president holds a massive amount of power over the public dialogue and particularly his base of voters. By spending his time attacking journalists as a whole, Trump is doing much more than going for the throat of national-level reporters who he feels have harmed him. Instead, he is undermining the ability of local journalists who spend their days worrying about local matters and not about his incessant tweeting.

It may not seem so because of the 24-hour news networks and the splashy national headlines that float around the internet and social media every day, but most journalism in America is done on a local level and largely outside of the influences of national politics. Those journalists are doing their jobs for the common good and don’t need to be painted with a broad brush by a president with thin skin.

We like where our economy is going. We see a bright future for America, and particularly Glynn County.

It is time, however, for Trump to focus his energies on maintaining that strong economy and to let journalists around this country do their jobs.

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