Rumors and innuendo are always going to be prevalent in society. It is human nature to speculate about things happening on a local, state and national level.

This trait is on display the most in the world of sports. Fans like to speculate about things like where is this free agent going and where will this top recruit sign, but the biggest speculation is usually reserved for the coach.

You can probably find message boards, talk shows and other forums where discussions about who will eventually replace Nick Saban at Alabama or will Urban Meyer get back into coaching take place. This culture of rumors also filters down to the high school level.

We at The News were surprised when we heard there was a group showing up at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting to show their support for Glynn Academy football coach Rocky Hidalgo. We had not heard of anything saying Hidalgo would be leaving the school.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, supporters asked the board to incentivize Hidalgo to stay at the school.

“We come to you tonight with one request — please do whatever necessary to help us retain Coach Hidalgo,” said Trudy Makler, the mother of a sophomore son at Glynn Academy, at Tuesday’s meeting.

As it turns out, rumors may have led to Tuesday’s big show of support. Hidalgo spoke to The News on Wednesday, saying he had no official plans to leave Glynn Academy and added that he had not been offered a job anywhere else, not applied for a job anywhere else or not told anybody he would take a job.

Hidalgo was very appreciative of the kind words his supporters used, though he said he didn’t know there was going to be a big deal made at the meeting.

“This right now is unfortunate because people have let a lot of internet rumors and innuendos influence people’s beliefs,” Hidalgo said. “As of right now, my plan is to coach at Glynn Academy in the 2019 season.”

It’s a good lesson that you should take rumors with a grain of salt.

It’s no surprise that other schools would be interested in Hidalgo given his success at Glynn Academy. Since Hidalgo took over the Terrors in 2014, Glynn has reached at least the quarterfinals of the state playoffs in every year except for 2018.

That success includes a trip to the state championship game in 2015, reaching the state semifinals in 2017 and three-straight region titles.

We are glad that Hidalgo said he isn’t planning to go anywhere else. Along with running a winning program, he has helped his players and other students at Glynn Academy grow up to be better people. He is an asset on and off the football field for the program.

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