If ever there were an example of why having major international companies like Rich Products in town is beneficial, Wednesday’s presentation of $70,000 to local nonprofit organizations is it.

Rich Products — which is responsible for brands like SeaPak, Farm Rich and Carvel Ice Cream Cakes, just to name a few — through the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation last week donated $10,000 each to the Golden Isles Penguin Project and Golden Isles Youth Orchestra, $20,000 to the Golden Isles College and Career Academy and $30,000 to Coastal Outreach Soccer.

We have supported the efforts of all four of the organizations over the years. Each serves an important purpose in our community and provides opportunities for local children.

The Penguin Project, a stage show featuring special needs children, will use the money for production costs. The orchestra will put the donation to instructors and instruction. The career academy will expand its food science culinary lab kitchen and the soccer program will improve fields, its academic center and buy new uniforms and pay for travel.

Rich’s and its Consumer Brands Charitable Fund has done this before and we look forward to seeing its future donations.

Luckily, Rich’s is not the only major brand name we have locally that makes regular donations to local charities and organizations. Sea Island Co., for example, has a long history of supporting local causes. King & Prince Seafood has been known to pitch in and Georgia Pacific and Pinova, just to name a few, have all made similar contributions.

These companies are important to our local economy in so many ways, whether it is through employment opportunities or donations like the one this week, we are thankful and fortunate to have a robust and thriving set of local industries to keep people in jobs and to contribute to local folks in need.

The good news is there is plenty of room to grow in the Golden Isles. As the pieces fall into place, we hope to see our industrial parks fill with job producers who take a similar interest in local people and causes. Being a good neighbor and an active member of the community is always the best way to lay a foundation for a long and prosperous future.

We thank Rich Products for reminding us of that.

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