If the nation’s elected leaders really want to put a dent in acts of aggression, if they really, really want to slow the rise of physical and sometimes deadly crimes in this country, then they will do more than smother us with useless lip service. They will stick with the facts and stop distorting them for political gain.

While not true in all cases, many of the men and women committing acts of violence against others are career criminals. They’ve been in and out of jail and/or prison most of their lives. As has been mentioned before, many have criminal records that could stretch vertically across Georgia. Oftentimes those records include multiple physical assaults.

Yes, recidivism is alive and well in this country, but do not expect politicians to own up to that glaring truism.

Imagine how much the government saves on room and board by putting repeat offenders back out on the streets. Decisions behind setting violent felons free are based on a theory known to most as “keeping your fingers crossed” that next time they will go straight or not get caught.

No human being with a heart wants to see a man or woman locked up for an entire lifetime, but there must be better options available in the 21st century than giving them 20 or 30 chances to get it right. Georgians and all other Americans are tired of being preyed upon by seasoned criminals. They’re fed up with the revolving door policies of the judicial system.

People tend to blame police for these issues, but anyone who keeps up with what’s going on in their own communities knows full well that they’re the only ones doing their job in today’s criminal justice system. They’re arresting criminals, charging them, and getting them off the streets only to see their efforts go for naught somewhere down the road. Thank God they are there as a first line of defense.

This is the new challenge for today’s elected officialdom. Find a real way to protect society from career criminals with more than meaningless rhetoric. Quit blaming everyone and everything for a criminal’s antisocial actions. Blame policies instead that fail to genuinely address the perpetrators and hold them accountable.

An attack on any human being is a hate crime, and the attacker should be dealt with accordingly.

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