We have said it before and we will say it again — the annual PTA Bowl is a unique and meaningful event that we hope continues to promote parental involvement for years to come.

The event brings Parent Teacher Association representatives, teachers, administrators, parents and students together for some fun and an opportunity to learn how to make the most of a child’s education.

Glynn County’s PTA Council President Heather Colvin knows why such an event is important.

“It’s absolutely 100 percent true that the more involved a family is in a child’s education, the more successful the child is,” Colvin told The News at the event on Sunday.

We could not agree more. Parents are the drivers of their children’s education. When parents care, the children are much more likely to care and to do well in the classroom.

Instead of resting on the traditional methods of attracting more membership to PTAs throughout the county — methods like sending home letters with students or blasting out mass emails — our local PTAs take a creative approach that we have seen work.

Luckily, the local school system’s administration seems to understand this as well. Superintendent Virgil Cole said during the event on Sunday that parents are integral to the entire school system’s success.

“For us to be successful as we want to be as a school district, it’s going to take our parents being a big part of their child’s life,” Cole said.

We urge all parents with children in school to do the simple things that make a big difference in their students’ lives. Ask how school was, talk to children about what they learned that day and show interest in what they are learning.

These are little steps that do more than show children you care. They provide children examples of what it means to be a well-educated adult and why what they are learning is important.

Parents might find they learn a little something themselves as well.

Kudos to the PTA Council on another successful PTA Bowl. We are looking forward to next year’s.

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