As of this week, at least 83 families in Glynn County who otherwise might not have had the opportunity are now homeowners.

The three homes dedicated this past Saturday — the 81st, 82nd and 83rd — on Cleburne Street in Brunswick are a testament to the good work Habitat for Humanity of Glynn County has been doing since the international organization opened a chapter here in 1989.

Consider the impact those houses have had on the families who occupy them.

Raffael and Tiffany Mack offer the perfect example. The married couple with their two young boys are in their 20s and are hard working people who want an affordable and nice place to live — not fancy, not extravagant, but decent.

The trouble is that qualifying for a loan and saving up the money needed to purchase a home is often difficult. Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, the Macks have a stable place to call home where their children can grow and thrive. Even better, their home is across the street from where Raffael grew up, he told The News this past weekend.

“We moved our names down the waiting list to make that happen,” he said. “We’re not even 30 yet and we have our first home. It means the world to us.”

Rather than moving often to find affordable housing, the Macks can now focus on what truly matters, their family.

But getting into a Habitat home is not simply a matter of signing up to be given a house. Habitat builds the homes for the families, but the families have to put in at least 250 hours of sweat equity — meaning they have to work on the construction of their new home. This not only creates a deeper connection with the place, but also ensures the soon-to-be homeowners are serious about the challenges of homeownership.

Bert Brown, Habitat’s local executive director, said the Macks and the two other families who received their keys this weekend know how much it takes to earn a home from the organization.

“We put them through the wringer. All three families did a great job,” Brown said.

That puts a smile on our face. Three more families in Brunswick have affordable, decent housing of which they are proud. The more of that we have in Brunswick the better.

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