College of Coastal Georgia caught Michelle Johnston’s eye for all the right reasons.

The new president of the college noticed the speed with which the institution transitioned from a two-year junior college into a four-year baccalaureate program and how quickly it was recognized for its quality and affordability.

“In the last 10 years, transitioning to a four year institution, doing it that fast, that’s unheard of. And to do it with the grace and the finesse and the quality that it’s been done here, those are really, really impressive things,” Johnston told The News last week.

We have been impressed as well and are thankful she was so eager to lead CCGA into its next chapter and to foster its growth for the next generation.

Johnston took over as college president on July 23 and since has been getting to know the students, faculty and staff.

Johnston has also been getting to know the community, which will be key to her successful tenure. She has already been visiting the Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and has been laying the groundwork for successful partnerships in the community. Those, she understands, are important for a college like CCGA. The school doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

“It just is remarkable what has happened here,” Johnston said last week. “For this institution to have done all that and to have been ranked ninth in the country as the most affordable college … How do you do all that? … You don’t do it alone.”

That is why we are excited to have her here in the Golden Isles.

Johnston comes with the experience and outlook we need for our college. She understands the importance of community partnerships and community service, two of the cornerstones CCGA has established in its 10 years in the University System of Georgia.

She hopes to take the next step and make CCGA the school that sets an example for the rest of the state. We support her in that endeavor and look forward to seeing that come to fruition.

Welcome to the Golden Isles President Johnston.

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