Nearly 13,000 local students will be roaming the halls and sitting in desks once again today in Glynn County’s public schools.

The summer break was undoubtedly fun and relaxing for many of them, but as is the tradition every August, school must start and those young brains will begin filling with knowledge again.

There will be new faces in new places in every school and in every grade, but the goal is the same — to teach the next generation.

We encourage students to be open to new information and to find something that excites them. The more they are excited about a subject, the more they will enjoy it and the more they will learn in the process.

To help them find their passion, we encourage parents to be involved in their children’s education every step of the way. Parental involvement is the most powerful force in a child’s education. When parents take an interest in their children’s schooling, their students will see the value in what they are learning and they will take an interest as well.

Thankfully, there are are plenty of ways for parents to get involved. The easiest is to simply ask children on a regular basis what they did at school that day. Talk to them about their lessons. Take a look at the work they did and take every chance you get to show them how what they learned is useful in everyday life. When they know you care, they will too.

Another easy way to get involved is to join your school’s Parent Teacher Association. The organizations are at each school in Glynn County and provide a great resource for parents to take part in what is happening at their children’s schools.

Take the time to get to know your children’s teachers as well. Having an open line of communication with them will help identify problems and progress and will help you understand how you can enhance your student’s education.

To the teachers who are greeting their class for the first time today, we look forward to seeing what you and your students will accomplish this school year. Your work is so important and deserves the respect and support of the community. We certainly support you and know the rest of the community does as well.

It may be young, but we are confident this school year is set up to be a great one thanks to the hard-working students, parents, teachers and administrators who make help our schools succeed.

Good luck everyone.

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