Giving thanks and being grateful are sometimes alien concepts in today’s society. Too often, the world tilts toward negativity, and we let that dominate our lives instead of looking at the positives that grace our existence every day.

That is a lesson Oglethorpe Point Elementary School teacher Rebecca Parmalee and her mother-in-law Cathie Parmalee are hoping to impart on kids with their book “Thankful Fairy.”

It’s a lesson that Rebecca Parmalee’s children helped teach her, saying that as her daughter got older, they would set aside time to talk about something great that happened in their day and something that they might need to fix.

“We consciously have these conversations about what we’re thankful for ... I think it’s really important, especially considering how much ‘bad stuff’ happens around us,” Rebecca Parmalee said. “I think it’s important to focus on teaching kids early on to focus on the good in their lives ... it’s really enriched our family.”

That would lead to the idea for “Thankful Fairy” with Rebecca Parmalee putting words to go with artwork by Cathie Parmalee. Their release party for the book is set for Saturday at The Greenhouse on St. Simons Island. Copies are also available online for those not able to attend at

We encourage the community to support our local authors who are spreading an important message through their project. This is a tremendous concept that provides a lesson not just for kids, but adults as well.

It is important to wake up and remember the things you are grateful for instead of focusing on the worries of the day. Be grateful for things like having food in the pantry, having a roof over your head or just the chance to enjoy another day on this earth.

We know there are a lot of people living through difficult circumstances right now. There are people who have lost loved ones, those dealing with financial issues and a myriad of other troubles that have a way of plaguing our thoughts.

To keep that from happening, we encourage people to try things to help them stay positive. You can try what the Parmalee family does by talking about what you are grateful for with your family. Perhaps try writing a list every day of the things you are thankful for in your life. Do whatever it takes to keep negativity from taking over your life.

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