When it comes to determining who to vote for to succeed Nathan Deal as Georgia’s next governor, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of negative campaign ads that try to prey on your worst fears. Don’t let fear sway your opinion when you go into the voting booth. The only way to get past the clutter is to look at the issues.

The most important issue facing the state as we see it is job creation and support for small businesses. There are other issues that also need attention but when it comes down to it, Georgians want to make sure they will have access to good jobs that pay well. And if they strike out on their own, they deserve to know the state will not inundate their new business with unnecessary regulations and taxes.

That’s why in the race to succeed Deal, we believe the best choice is Republican Brian Kemp.

Kemp has promoted making Georgia No. 1 for small businesses the first part of his four-point plan to put Georgians first. As part of that plan, he pledges to remove burdensome regulations, cut government red tape and implement common sense workforce development initiatives.

How will Kemp do this? He told The Gainesville Times in May that he wanted to follow up Deal’s initiative to recruit big business and manufacturing to the state on building and recruiting small business.

As Secretary of State, Kemp has overseen the licensing of businesses in the state. He knows where we can trim the fat and help put more money in the hands of small businesses.

The rest of Kemp’s platform falls into making sure Georgia taxpayers get to keep more of their hard-earned money. He wants to rein in state spending, lower income taxes and audit tax breaks to protect taxpayers.

Gov. Deal’s efforts have already made Georgia a desirable destination for large corporations. Now, it’s time to help the small businesses in the state grow and prosper. That’s why on Nov. 6, we encourage voters to select Kemp to succeed Gov. Deal.

Electing a businessman president has paid dividends for our national economy. Hopefully, putting a businessman in charge of Georgia will have the same effect.

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