As much as some members of Congress might want to, the United States cannot admit everyone knocking on its door. It couldn’t before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it certainly can’t now with the high unemployment rate and the need for federal assistance to prop up shredded economies.

Why some politicians are unable to understand that God only knows. They’re just being unreasonable.

Most states are still trying to shake COVID-19, and many are pleading for more vaccine to defend against the virus. At any rate, health experts predict a long fight.

To those who remember Sept. 11, security is another reason for watching the door more closely. Despite the generous dollar amounts the United States donates around the world, this nation has enemies. Lots of them, in fact, including those who would think nothing of shooting up a nightclub or crashing passenger jets into populated buildings.

The war against drugs is another security issue. Enough seeps through cracks in the border as it is. How much more would flow across under an open door policy is the kind of worry that keeps parents awake at night.

Customs and Border Protection authorities reported more than 100,000 attempted illegal crossings in February. The number reflects an increase from the 78,000 who tried to sneak into the states the previous month. Law enforcement also noted a 50 percent increase in drug seizures in February.

The innocent victims in a tight door policy, of course, have been the children. Policy dictates they be separated from parents being processed for entry, but policy is not the only issue. Parents — or as in some cases, unrelated adult guides or guardians — are ignoring calls and opportunities to reclaim the children.

Americans generally sympathize with those trying to escape life-threatening poverty and gangs from countries to the south of this nation. They know what it’s like to desire better for themselves and their families. No one should have to live in fear of one’s life.

Everyone is aware of the invitation extended around the globe by the iconic Statue of Liberty. What advocates of letting everyone in tend to forget is that there are a slew of decades-old policies this nation no longer follows, and for good reason. Times change, as do situations and circumstances.

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