In case you haven’t noticed, it is Christmas time in the Golden Isles. That means Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, nativity scenes and Christmas decor decked out over all the Isles’ halls.

The best displays, though, are sometimes spontaneous ones. A Christmas tree was put up without ceremony in the new roundabout at Ocean Boulevard and East Beach Causeway. The spontaneous creation was put up by some local moms and kids on Nov. 23, a nice way to kick off the holiday season.

But there is always a grinch looking to ruin a thoughtful and fun gesture. The 6-foot Christmas tree — decorated with garlands and even a reindeer at its base — was taken by mischievous miscreants who knocked over the display in the process of stealing the tree on Thanksgiving.

They proceeded to take the tree to various nightspots around the area. They were clearly not fazed that people had put in the time and effort to bring a little holiday cheer to the area and created a Facebook page for the tree and their raucous night out.

Once done with their frivolity, the tree was dumped back at the roundabout. No care was given to put it back where it belonged. Fortunately, the people of St. Simons weren’t going to let grinches or stooges stop them from spreading joy.

A GoFundMe account was set up and raised money to buy a 22-foot red cedar tree from Jesup to put up in the roundabout.The new tree now sits sturdily in its new home, with plenty of people coming out Saturday to help put it in place and decorate it.

In many ways, this story reflects the giving nature of the people who live in the Golden Isles. When there is someone in need or a wrong that needs to be corrected, we will do what it takes to give back and help out.

That is also a big part of the Christmas spirit. We are appreciative of the citizens who tried to bring a little Christmas cheer to the area and are grateful for those who helped out when vandals tried to snuff out those good tidings.

We encourage everyone who can to use this season to find ways to give back and spread Christmas cheer across the Isles. You can help make sure some of the less-fortunate kids in our community have a great Christmas through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. You can help out the less fortunate by donating food to the area’s food banks that support those in the community who deal with food insecurity on a daily basis.

There are many ways to give back this Christmas season. We encourage you to find the circumstance that speaks to your heart and help out. Like those who placed the Christmas tree in the roundabout, let’s help spread some Christmas cheer.

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