Gun owners, please heed the advice of law enforcement. If you’re thinking of leaving a gun in your vehicle tonight or any night, don’t. If you decide to risk it, however, please make sure the car is locked and the weapon is out of plain sight. Otherwise, you could find yourself contributing to the crime rate.

It’s incredible the number of residents who leave guns in vehicles overnight in Glynn County alone. What’s even more incredible is the number of people who neglect to secure their car, pickup or SUV at night when they do.

In the unincorporated areas of Glynn County, more than 100 guns have been stolen out of vehicles over the past 12 months.

Records from the Glynn County Police Department put the figure at 120. In most cases, the vehicles they were snatched from were unlocked.

Police say the usual culprits are people with drug addictions who are hoping to cash in on the neglect of others. They roam city streets and county neighborhoods at dark, often when many of us are asleep, and check the door handles of parked vehicles for quick and easy opportunities. Any valuables will do, but guns are an exceptional good find to thieves, who sell them for cash or trade them for a drug fix or five.

Stolen guns become the effective tools of gang members. They use them to rob, intimidate or worse. One could almost say that leaving a gun in a car is a little like playing Russian Roulette with the safety and lives of innocent victims.

Keeping a gun in a vehicle could jeopardize the safety of neighbors and children if found by the son or daughter of an owner.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. What it doesn’t give us is the right to be careless with deadly weapons.

Play it safe. Take guns into the house at night.

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