Give the Glynn County Board of Education credit. In 2022, opening school hallways and gyms to the general public on Election Day can be risky.

It is why the school board has requested the Glynn County Board of Elections find alternate sites for voting. Although fewer are used here for this purpose in these modern times, several schools still serve as polling places.

School officials are reluctant to continue to expose the community’s youth to the nation’s growing reputation as a dangerous place to amass young minds under a single roof for learning. Too many children have been mowed down in cold blood by twisted individuals armed with assault weapons or by gunmen who were later described by law enforcement as someone struggling with a mental health issue.

No one expects what occurred May 24 at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, to happen in Brunswick and the Golden Isles, but neither does anyone want to tempt fate and gamble with the lives of children. They prefer to address potential deficiencies or weaknesses in school security before they get a chance to become a problem or a national headline.

Residents can understand the position of the school board. The moms and dads of children attending school certainly can.

Parents can be thankful that members of the county board of education are doing everything in their power to ensure the children of this community do not become fodder for a national debate. Even a parent picking up a child early in the day is required to report to the office. They are not allowed to roam the hallways freely. Other visitors must obtain a proper pass.

County election officials began a search for alternate voting sites last year but have had little luck in finding a church or private facility large enough to handle the ballot machines willing to volunteer their facility in several precincts. What these potential alternate sites might not know is that the elections board does not expect to use their facilities free. Some compensation is involved.

Hopefully a church, organization or private entity will step forward soon and provide the county board of elections space to host voters over a 12-hour period on Election Day. They would be doing everyone in the community a big favor.

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