It is difficult to digest the filth that spills from the lips of mealy-mouthed critics of the United States when so many men, women and families from practically every nation on the planet are willing to sacrifice anything and everything to get here. Thousands are even willing to gamble with the safety of their own children as this nation has witnessed time and again.

This is not to say America is a country without flaws. There’s always room for improvement – constructive improvement, that is, not change wrought by baseless political hype or raw bullying, the very tactics leaders of the nation tend to prefer these days.

Another kind of change politicians attempt to force upon the nation, which Americans have become increasingly wary of over the years, are modifications or additions to laws or policies yielded by rash, knee-jerk reactions to incidents.

When crimes distantly outside the imagination or thoughts of sane people occur, step aside, or else risk being crushed by the stampede of groundless interpretations and suggestions.

When this happens, forget about addressing the core issue. The real cause gets buried under tons of meaningless verbiage. The real problem goes unsolved. It’s difficult to see the truth when those with an agenda are doing everything they can and within their power to draw everyone’s attention to a particular point of view.

Learn to distinguish actual facts from guideposts sculpted solely to lead the unthinking to narrow minded visions or self-serving aspirations. Facts enable rational beings to form and support their own opinions and theories.

A case in point are all the unproven assumptions and recommendations being spun from the slayings of eight human beings at three different massage parlors in the Atlanta area. It is a tragic incident, for sure, but no more or less tragic than the killing of 10 people at a grocery store in Boulder, Colo. Yet there are those who insist there’s a difference, that the shootings in Atlanta were inspired by hate, even though there’s no concrete evidence to prove it other than the fact that six of the victims were Asian.

Focus on what is known, that unstable people are getting their hands on weapons and using them against humanity. Creating a statewide 911 computer system that can interpret different languages and requiring police officers to carry cards with certain key words someone might utter in an emergency in a long list of various languages is not going to stop that.

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