What does one have to be or achieve to be chancellor of Georgia’s state universities and colleges? In 2021, apparently not Republican.

That is the battle going on in Atlanta right now as the University System of Georgia ponders its next leader. The name that quickly surfaced, of course, was former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, who served as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under the presidency of Donald Trump.

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Ross Smith opened Electric Coast, which rents and sells e-bikes, in March. Initially he opened his storefront in the Glynn Haven neighborhood of St. Simons Island with the idea to only rent them, but since then, he’s expanded, and is now selling and servicing e-bicycles.

Law enforcement personnel flocked to Brunswick High School on Wednesday morning after receiving calls about an active shooter, apparently one of numerous hoaxes that unfolded on school campuses regionally, statewide and across the country.