Democrats and Republicans need to come up with a new name for confirmation hearings on nominated Supreme Court justices. They’re anything but confirmation hearings.”Disconfirmation hearings” is more like it.

But there’s another name that might more accurately describe what they truly have become over the years. Starting now, with the hearings currently being held on President Donald Trump’s nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, let’s call it Salem Witch Trials II.

The next series of confirmation hearings, whether the president is a Democrat or a Republican, would be Salem Witch Trials III, and so on.

Anyone who has kept up with these hearings over the past two decades would only be fooling themselves by thinking the two bare no resemblance.

Just look at what’s going on now. Opponents of Appeals Court Judge Barrett — the word “opponents” here is the proper label — do not care what she has to say about basing court rulings on the U.S. Constitution. They only want to know what she thinks about abortion and gun control.

Unless she says she is for both, the left will despise her and do everything in its limited power in the Senate to prevent her from taking the chair once held by the honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. To earn their support, Judge Barrett must agree with their opinions on abortion and gun control. Period.

No one on the left gives a hoot about whether she will adhere to the U.S. Constitution in cases before the Supreme Court. It’s irrelevant to them. That much is obvious because Judge Barrett has told them her decisions follow the constitution, but they’re still trying to extract her leanings toward only those two issues.

If Democrats and Republicans really want to know what turns people off about Congress and politicians in general, it’s insanity such as this.

They should at least have the guts to call it for what it is, Salem Witch Trials II. It didn’t matter what those on trial had to say in Salem, Mass., in the closing years of the 17th century. Those flinging the questions had made up their minds long before the gavel slam that launched the historically shameful trial. And innocent people died.

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