There is nothing more frustrating than when somebody doesn’t live up to their side of the bargain. Whether it is a group project or just asking someone to bring a covered dish to a party, it is incredibly disappointing when someone who is entrusted with something just simply doesn’t do a simple request.

That is probably how county commissioners and staff feel when it comes to fixing up some of the railroad crossings in Glynn County. One of the most troublesome for the county has been a railroad crossing on Old Jesup Road between Cate Road and an Interstate 95 overpass.

There are three railroad tracks that intersect with Old Jesup Road, two owned by Norfork Southern Railway and one owned by CSX Transportation. Fixing any of those crossings requires cooperation between the two railroad companies and the county.

County commission chairman Mike Browning said he has heard a lot of complaints about the crossing. The News has also reported some of those complaints.

In an article that ran in 2017, county resident Jeremy Davis told us driving over the Jesup Road crossing had damaged his car in four places.

Despite temporary fixes during that time, the crossing hasn’t gotten any better for drivers. A permanent solution is what the county deserves. A CSX employee inspected the site last week and suggested the county try to coordinate a fix.

Working together to fix the crossing is a great idea, but it will only work if the parties involved are serious about fixing it properly this time. The county is all in on fixing the issue because they want to work on other traffic flow issues for Old Jesup Road. CSX seems willing to play ball, since it was their suggestion.

The tricky part could be getting Norfolk Southern on board. The same 2017 article where Davis told The News about the damage the crossing has done to his car was about how Norfolk Southern had canceled a planned maintenance on county railroad crossings. No reason was given at the time.

Norfolk Southern did eventually do some maintenance on the crossing, but as anyone who has driven over it would probably tell you, it didn’t last long.

A permanent fix is needed so that one of our busiest thoroughfares in the county can be a much smoother drive. Hopefully, both companies come on board with the county to finally provide a permanent solution to this problem. The drivers in the county deserve as much.

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