The folks at Coastal Coalition for Children have one-track minds. For them, there is nothing more important than strengthening the opportunities for local children and building a community that encourages family involvement and education.

The fruits of that laser focus were on display this week when the coalition held its Healthy Families of Coastal Georgia graduation program at the Brunswick-Glynn County Library. Aside from the adorable 3 year olds grinning from ear to ear in their tiny caps and gowns, there was something special happening. Healthy Families of Coastal Georgia promotes children’s well-being through a curriculum that emphasizes the development of a mother-and-child bond. The effort begins prenatally by teaching young parents how to create those bonds, and what they can do to ensure their youngster is not only well cared for, but that they are developing properly to be prepared for kindergarten.

Coastal Coalition workers take a vested interest in the parents and children in their program by conducting in-home site visits and working closely with the parents to find community resources and helping them provide early education — like the simple act of reading to infants and toddlers.

Parents who complete the program, like the 10 who graduated with their 3 year olds Tuesday, are better prepared for raising children who are not only ready to start school, but also who will know their parents care about their education and development as a person.

The parents who go through the program are no dummies. Their presence in the program shows they were already well on their way to being caring and involved parents.

Entering the program, however, provides that extra boost that will mean their children are much more likely when they grow up to be well educated, quality parents themselves.

The best part is Coastal Coalition offers other programs as well. First Steps offers emotional support, parenting support education and community resources to expectant parents staring wide-eyed into the unknown and sometimes scary world of first-time parenting.

Grandparent Connection offers support for grandparents raising grandchildren who likely need no help with the basics of parenting, but may seek some support raising children in a different and often challenging time.

Coastal Coalition is clearly a boon for our area and a nonprofit targeting a fundamental and important aspect of our community that will pay dividends in the future.

We applaud their efforts and hope you will do the same.

For more information on Coastal Coalition for Children, visit the website at

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