Think about cleaning your house. It may not always be the most pleasurable experience, but it needs to be done — and often. No matter how much we try, it seems like there is always something else to clean, something else to tidy up to keep the house looking its best.

It is a job that simply needs to be done if you take pride in your home.

We hope people apply that same sense of pride to the community. The folks at Keep Golden Isles Beautiful — a chapter of Keep Georgia Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful — spend their energy spreading that pride around town and are planning their second-annual Citywide Cleanup event later this month. On April 28, the organization is asking local residents to spend two hours, from 9-11 a.m., picking up around Brunswick wherever it is needed.

Numbers from last year’s inaugural cleanup were eye opening. It is hard to believe, but in two hours, more than 150 volunteers all around the city collected around 2.7 tons of trash. That included 30 old tires and 720 pounds of stuff that should have gone into recycling bins in the first place.

With how frequently it seems some people are so willing to toss their fast food bags out the window as they drive, dump household trash at the end of an alley way or discard their used tires by the roadside, it is sadly quite likely there will be plenty more to cleanup this year.

To the volunteers who will come out that Saturday later this month, thank you. Your work is appreciated. As is the tireless work of Keep Golden Isles Beautiful. The volunteer appreciation cookout planned at Howard Coffin Park following the cleanup should be a wonderful event as well.

We encourage anyone who wants to keep our community looking its best to attend and take part. The more the merrier.

To the folks who seem unable to understand how easy it is to find a trash can, take some pride in your community. The simple task of properly disposing of your refuse is a small but meaningful way to make our town look its best. Stop littering.

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