Christmas time is the time to give gifts and receive gifts. While getting the perfect gift this holiday season is an exciting feeling, it’s nothing compared to when you find the perfect gift for your family or friends.

The feeling you get when you give a gift trumps the feeling of receiving one. That’s why a Community in Schools project to set up a Christmas shop at Burroughs-Molette Elementary School is such a good idea.

The shop has been filled with items donated by the community. Students will be able to bring just a couple of pennies, and exchange them for a wide variety of gifts in the shop.

It’s not the first time CIS has held the shop. It began several years ago, but it hasn’t been active for a while. The CIS’ new student advisory board — which started this year and is made up of four board — brought the idea back. One of the students that serves on the board, Frederica Academy junior William Brock, used to work in the previous shops with his mom, who also volunteered with CIS.

“Whenever I heard they weren’t doing the store anymore, I was like ‘Hey, we should do that,’ because I remember how much fun that was,” Brock said.

The call for donations was answered with enthusiasm by the community. As usual, our community is ready to give to a good cause when called upon.

The Christmas shop showcases every aspect of giving that make the holiday season so special. The students helping out CIS are giving their time to run the shop, help kids pick out gifts and wrap them so they can give a gift this season.

The kids who are “buying” the gifts are learning an important lesson that will resonate with them beyond the holiday season: Giving a gift is better than receiving. And who knows, maybe one day it will be the kids buying gifts today who are paying it forward and working in a Christmas shop.

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