Brunswick and other Glynn County residents might be asking themselves why a local minor had possession of an assault-style weapon, which he allegedly used to shoot up a home on Amherst Street that was occupied by seven people at the time. City police described the weapon used by the 17-year-old boy as a Draco AK47, a long-barreled assault-style semiautomatuc handgun.

According to law enforcement, the teen allegedly fired multiple shots into the house. Police arrested him and charged him with seven counts of aggravated assault and one count of possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime.

An account of the incident, published recently in The News, did not indicate anyone was injured. The five men and two women were physically unharmed. That is quite remarkable considering the potential firepower of the Draco AK47, which can carry a 30-round clip.

Running across such weapons has to be more than just a little intimidating to patrolling police officers, who are equipped with a limited arsenal. Imagine how much more intimidating is it to unarmed residents.

Police have not disclosed a motive for the attack, as if any motive short of self-preservation would mitigate the violent action. It is indeed frightening that anyone might think otherwise.

It is incidents such as this that prompt some to question just how prevalent these dangerous weapons are, especially among minors, and their purpose. They are the kind of assault guns one usually sees in the hands of fictional combatants in video games that are popular among high school and college age males, not on the streets of Brunswick.

Law enforcement in Coastal Georgia stands firm in support of the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment, which protects gun ownership in this country. At the same time, police must remain vigilant of changing times and new emerging dangers. They must because they are duty-bound to protect their communities by guarding against those who would take advantage of the nation’s freedoms for dark purposes.

We urge city and county police, as well as all sheriff deputies and state patrol personnel, to be cognizant of these weapons and to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and others.

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