Five in Glynn County. One in Camden. Eighteen in all in the eight-county Coastal Health District.

It doesn’t stop there. Total number of confirmed cases in Georgia: 1,026. Total number of deaths: 32. And that’s only as of noon Tuesday. More infected persons will be added to the list and will raise both totals.

It doesn’t stop there either. As of yesterday afternoon, the CDC was reporting 44,183 cases in the United States. Number of individuals succumbing to the virus: 544. The rampant flare ups of coronavirus across the 50 states has health experts with the World Health Organization reeling and calling America the next epicenter of the virus.

Now you know why Southeast Georgia Health System, the Georgia Department of Health and Gov. Brian Kemp are imploring coastal Georgians — all Georgians — to do everything they can to minimize exposure to themselves and to others. Cities like Savannah and Atlanta are going so far as to urge residents to shelter in place.

It’s why the Glynn County Commission closed the beaches last weekend, and it’s why the city is shutting down bars with menus that exclude food and telling restaurants to arrange dining rooms that adhere to the six-feet of separation rule.

Most individuals and families are wise enough, smart enough, to follow the advice of experts. After all, it’s for their own good. They’re staying put as much as possible, venturing out only when necessary like for essentials and picking food up at the curbside where the service is available. You could say they are unwilling to play Russian Roulette with their health or lives, or the health and lives of loved ones or friends. Someone could be spreading the virus around without showing the symptoms.

Those who are ignoring the rules are putting everyone at risk, including parents and grandparents, whether they admit it or not, and they must stop before it’s too late.

Follow the rules and stick to the advice trumpeted over and over by health officials. How soon this community, state and nation free themselves of this mess depends on each and every one of us.

Stay safe.

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