Dear Dr. Wallace:

I recall that you said in a past column that teachers are the most important school employees and principals are the least important. However, my mom has been a school secretary for over a decade, and she takes care of everything at her school. In fact, if the principal is out, the secretary takes over in case any emergency arises.

Of course, our family loves my mom, but you’d be surprised at how much everyone who works at her school appreciates her!

I feel it’s important to point out that support staff such as secretaries, counselors, school nurses and janitors all play an important role. Everyone should appreciate all the important members of the school staff at each school across our country.

— Daughter of a Great School Secretary, via email

Dear Daughter Of A Great School Secretary: You are a wonderful advocate for your mother, all school secretaries and all valued staff members at our schools! Your excellent letter deserves to be printed, so here it is.

For the record, I didn’t forget the importance of each school’s secretary, but I will be sure to mention the great contributions that school secretaries and support staff members provide in the future.

I can also mention that many school principals were not too happy with that column, and some contacted me because I said the principals were less important. Of course, principals must make important decisions and are responsible for all their staff members performing in concert so that each student can receive a quality education. My actual main point in the previous column was that when a principal is off campus, the school continues to function properly due to the outstanding and ongoing diligence of the teachers, and yes, the supporting staff who continue their outstanding work each day on campus.

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