From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Dear Dr. Graham:

Social media has taken the world by storm. Young people are comfortable with it all; they’ve grown up with it and love talking about what is important to them. As a baby boomer it goes against what I learned, that we should think of others and not ourselves. Why is this no longer taught?

— B.B.

Dear B.B.: There seems to always be good and bad to every form of new technology. The internet can be used to preach God’s Gospel, and with a quick tap pornography can pop up. Wisdom and self-discipline is required when using the technology of the day, just as it was when television came into existence. But there is no question, obsessing about “self” is destructive.

One day the owner of a club was with members discussing golf. Someone turned to him and said, “By the way, what is your handicap?” Immediately the man replied, “Myself!” How true that is! Self, the capital I, is the universal problem, the handicap of all people. The Bible tells us that the Lord hates seven things. “The Lord hates ... a proud look ... .” (Proverbs 6:16-17). Notice! A proud look is the first thing that God hates.

Perhaps the greatest sin that has crept into the lives of Christians is the sin of pride. No one can expect victory and inward rest until the capital I has been conquered. God commands us to “humble ourselves.” That is our job! If we are to live above the clouds, the sin of pride will have to be confessed and forsaken. It is deadlier than the poison of a rattlesnake. It stunts, stifles, weakens and destroys Christian victory. Pride comes from looking only at ourselves; meekness comes through looking at God.