Dear Teens:

Today is the second virtual “No Lunch” Lunch at the Second Harvest Food Bank. During this event, attendants will see a 20-minute update on the state of hunger in Orange County and our focus on nutritional security.

As we address the ongoing hunger needs in our community, we need the help from our fellow citizens across the nation to help those in need. Food banks need food, of course, but they also need donations to help with high transportation costs, labor costs and packaging costs, as well.

Whenever possible and feasible, please remember to donate funds and/or volunteer your time to help feed others in need.

To donate and learn more about event information, please email

Dear Dr. Wallace: My mom just told me my second cousin is sick. My mom also told me my blood type is the same. I went to the doctor and had a test that confirmed I could be a potential organ donor. If I am a match, should I donate an organ if the doctors confirm that my cousin and I would be fine physically after the operation?

— Thinking About Helping, Via Email

Dear Thinking About Helping: This is a huge decision, and you should discuss it with your parents and family members in detail as a starting point.

I admire your desire to help a family member in need. I trust your parents will have you meet with your family physician to discuss every potential issue you should be aware of before you make a final decision.

Be sure to gather all of the facts and check into each and every alternative avenue that could potentially help your cousin, as well. Then, at that point, I trust you will make a good overall decision from a truly well-informed perspective.

Write to Dr. Wallace at

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