Dear Harriette:

I used to work with a life coach a few years ago, and it was helpful. We stopped working together a while back, in part because I couldn’t afford to keep hiring her. She does not accept insurance, and the weekly payment was too much for me. Now that some time has passed, though, I miss working with her and getting her sound advice on things. I am thinking of contacting her again to find out if we can make an arrangement that is more manageable for me. Do you think it’s rude for me to ask for a price break or some other kind of deal?

— Discounted Coaching

Dear Discounted Coaching: For starters, it’s great that you recognize the value of this woman’s services for your life and smart for you to try to figure out how to work with her again. Rather than asking for a discount, why not think outside the box? Do you offer any services that might be of value to her? Perhaps you can barter with her so that you both benefit. You might also ask her if you can work together once a month rather than once a week.

That would keep the cost down. Let her know your thoughts. By offering a menu of options, you will be letting her know that you value her expertise and time, and you are watching your wallet.