SIPOA Board Member Bob Guido stands with this year’s recipients of the organization’s scholarship, Brandon Boudreau, Chase Cody, Jacob Williams and Gage Strickland. Not pictured is scholarship recipient Rubi Calix-Ortiz.

The Sea Island Property Owners Association recently recognized the 2020 College of Coastal Georgia student recipients of the organization’s scholarship during a special reception at The Cloister.

The SIPOA scholarship is awarded to employees or family members of employees attending CCGA. SIPOA members formed the scholarship to express their gratitude for employees whose hard work contributes to the success of Sea Island. This year’s scholarship recipients are Brandon Boudreau, Chase Cody, Jacob Williams, Gage Strickland and Rubi Calix-Ortiz. Calix-Ortiz and Cody were part of the inaugural group of recipients last year and were awarded the scholarship again.

Linda Heagy, SIPOA president of the board of directors, said those in attendance at the ceremony were proud of the scholars’ goals of attaining a college education.

“You have set sail on rather rough seas, and indeed the winds seem at times to be against you. But you are a particularly hardy and determined group of individuals, and we have selected you because of your persistence, your perseverance and your discipline,” Heagy said. “Life often throws us some obstacles, but each of you, in your own way, has demonstrated that you know how to overcome the barriers to success.”

CCGA and Sea Island have a long-standing partnership, said Michelle Johnston, president of the college.

“The College of Coastal Georgia is educating the next generation of leaders, but we’re not doing it alone,” she said. “It’s with the support of community partners and donors — those people that love the college and love the opportunity to help students.”

The students will also now be able to participate in a mentorship program.

Bob Guido, SIPOA board member, said the program is designed to supplement the college’s efforts for student success. The SIPOA mentors will provide personal and career advice to the students.

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