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Georgia-Pacific operates a Brunswick Cellulose mill in Glynn County.

Like many companies in Glynn County, Georgia- Pacific recognizes the importance of investing in the future workforce and in its future customers.

Georgia-Pacific, which runs a mill in Glynn County, works to partner with communities in a variety of focus areas, including education, environment, entrepreneurship and community enrichment.

“We strive every day to be a preferred partner of our customers, employees, suppliers and communities,” said Randal Morris, a spokesman for Georgia-Pacific. “To that end, Brunswick Cellulose has historically engaged in supporting educational opportunity at all levels in Brunswick and Glynn County — our local community.”

The mill in Glynn County aims to enhance educational opportunities in the community through outreach, Morris said.

GP’s Brunswick Cellulose mill partners with the Golden Isles College & Career Academy and was a participating member of the community team that originally advanced the creation of GICCA and its curriculum platform.

“Our employees have consistently volunteered at GICCA, and we consistently invest in the program’s continued development and success,” Morris said. “It’s truly a partnership of mutual benefit.”

Brunswick Cellulose also partners with Coastal Pines Technical College and College of Coastal Georgia.

“We are engaged with many, many other businesses in helping assure that our community’s educational infrastructure continues to develop and drive new and successful pathways to opportunity for students of all ages,” Morris said.

Brunswick Cellulose also offers multiple opportunities for students to engage with the company.

“Through volunteer outreach, our employees engage through mentoring, presentations, interaction in educational events, volunteer coaching and many other activities to help local students,” Morris said. “Occasionally, we engage students in internship opportunities and, more and more, we are focusing on helping students understand the pathways associated with careers in manufacturing and all the capabilities that support successful manufacturing — engineering, accounting, human resources, logistics, environmental management, purchasing and many more.”

Brunswick Cellulose is also one of many local sponsors of the Newspapers in Education program offered by The Brunswick News. The program provides free copies of the newspaper each week to Glynn County’s teachers.

“Students in our local schools are our future workforce and our future customers,” Morris said. “For Georgia-Pacific, it’s important to drive interaction, understanding, familiarity and relationships with our students and our educational and community partners that foster growth and development opportunities.”

The company sometimes refers to this endeavor as “creating virtuous cycles of mutual benefit,” Morris said. Through its business capabilities, the company creates value for others.

“This allows us to capture opportunities where we are rewarded for creating superior value for our customers and partners,” he said. “This opens new avenues for additional capabilities and growth for all involved.”

Support and engagement with the local education and community partners creates a system of mutually beneficial relationships, he said.

“And it’s this synergy that drives long-term value creation and allows our communities, students of all ages, our employees and their families and our company to be successful long term,” Morris said.

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