As life begins to return to normal in the Golden Isles following Hurricane Matthew, Sea Island President and CEO Scott Steilen wants to say thanks.

Steilen said he and the other workers at Sea Island Co. were awestruck by the way the Glynn County community came together to help each other during the storm and through its aftermath.

“I saw a lot of our folks on our team that were selfless, and those are people that I get to see and interface with everyday,” Steilen said. “I was really struck with the folks in the community.”

To honor those who went out of their way to help others during the storm, the Sea Island Co. will host a “Matthew’s Angels” event this Sunday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The oyster roast and plantation supper will also raise money for victims of Hurricane Matthew in Glynn County.

“For us just to see all the different constituents in the community doing something was really inspirational, and we wanted to do something to honor all these folks we’re calling ‘Matthew’s Angels,’” Steilen said.

The event will take place at Rainbow Island at Sea Island. There will be live music and a live auction.

Auction items will include a trip to the Broadmoor resort in Colorodo Springs, Colo.

Tickets cost $125 per person, a price that includes all food, drinks, entertainment, tax and gratuity. Tickets can be purchased at

All revenue will go the United Way and be directed specifically to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army for use in Glynn County in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Steilen said there is no fundraising goal. The company is hoping to cap attendance at 500 people.

“An event like (Hurricane Matthew) reminds us that while there are so many great reasons to live here, this is at least one of the possible challenges of living here,” he said.

While Hurricane Matthew brought out the selfless side in many, Steilen said he also hopes the storm reminded everyone in the community of the importance of having an emergency management plan.

“If this fundraiser does nothing else but continue to raise awareness that you need to be prepared, it will also be a success,” he said.

For the event, food and beverages are being donated by Sea Island Co., Southern Soul Barbecue, Certified Burgers & Beverage, Delaney’s, Del Sur, Mellow Mushroom and Halyards.

“We’d love to have as many people come as we can,” Steilen said.

The Sea Island Co. asks that those who would like to see a particular person honored Sunday night for their work during the storm send the story to today and to include the contact information for the “angel” being submitted.