The Jekyll Island Authority has received permission to elevate and extend the crossover at Corsair Beach Park because of dune encroachment.

The authority asked permission to elevate the crossover 3 feet above due topography, extend it 40 feet and replace the terminal end ramp with stairs.

The crossover was extended to 216 feet in 2018. It began experiencing “several states of change” that have kept it out of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

“These obstructions include dune sand partially or fully blocking access down the crossover, and since December 2019 a dune has formed at the the seaward end and has become vegetated,” said Dana Pender, JIA operations specialist, in a letter explaining the need for the work.

“Dune sand that was on the crossover was commonly shoveled back into the sand sharing system, sometimes up to twice a month by hand,” Pender said. “The more recent dune formation at the foot of the seaward end has been left in place as not to violate any CRD permits or regulations.”

JIA officials have conceded it will not win the battle against Mother Nature when it comes to keeping the crossover ADA compliant.

“It is unfortunate that we cannot retain this crossover as ADA compliant, but with the proximity of dunes on either side, it has proven impossible,” Pender said. “All ADA pedestrian traffic will be routed to the Beach Village Crossover No. 38, which is 480 feet to the north.”

According to the letter of permission by the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the proposed changes will be completed using hand tools and be completed within six months.

Because the project may occur during turtle nesting season, a survey of the area is required.

All sea turtle nests must be avoided, and no activity can occur within 20 feet of a nest area.

Corsair Beach Park is located between the Jekyll Ocean Club and Days Inn hotels.

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