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Maureen McGrath, left, is handed a laminated self-quarantine sign by Michele Patterson at Launch Printing and Promotions in St. Marys. McGrath had 150 signs printed to distribute for free in Camden County.

Maureen McGrath has legitimate concerns about the potential for her mother to contract coronavirus.

McGrath, of St. Marys, said her mother, who is self quarantined, has leukemia and her immune system is very compromised. Despite her mother taking every recommended precaution, including self quarantine, McGrath still is uncomfortable.

Now she has found another way to protect her mother.

She designed a sign asking anyone coming to her mother’s door to take extra precautions and to reconsider if it’s necessary to interact with anyone in the home.

McGrath paid a local printer for 150 laminated signs to distribute for free to civic organizations, garden clubs and churches. They will be given to anyone in the high-risk age group for complications if they contract the virus.

“I’m trying to be proactive,” McGrath said. “I’m trying to help the high-risk people.”

The signs are laminated so they can be easily disinfected, she said.

Those displaying the signs will also help first responders in case of an emergency, she said.

Greg Lockhart, owner of Launch Printing and Promotions in St. Marys, said he was impressed with McGrath’s idea when she called to find out how much it would cost to print and laminate the signs. His business is printing 150 more laminated signs they will sell to the public at cost — about $1.20 each — as a way to help the community during the health crisis.

The new batch of signs should be completed by Friday, he said. Call 912-882-4731 to order a sign.

“We’re mainly trying to recover the cost,” he said.

Lockhart was unable to go to his business Wednesday to personally give the signs to McGrath because he is now self quarantined.

“It has come home to roost,” he said. “I”m running a fever at the house, and I’m waiting for a call from the doctor. I certainly understand what the country is facing.”

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