A 42-year-old Ware County teacher and part-time law enforcement officer was arrested Wednesday and charged with soliciting sex from a teenage boy, allegedly caught in the act by the youngster’s mother at Satilla River Waterfront Park in Woodbine, according to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

Tracy Wayne Crosby, of Highland Drive in Waycross, was booked into the Camden County Jail on a charge of solicitation of sodomy, the sheriff’s office said.

Crosby is a teacher employed by the Ware County School System, the sheriff’s office said. He also is a part-time law enforcement officer for an agency in a county near Ware, which was not identified pending confirmation, said Camden County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Larry Bruce.

Crosby allegedly met the boy online and arranged to pay him in exchange for sex, Bruce said. He said Crosby did not know the teen through his job as a teacher.

“They met through the internet,” Bruce said. “He pretty much solicited him online.”

Earlier Thursday, the son left home without giving his mother a clear explanation of why he was leaving and where he was going, the sheriff’s office said. The mother followed and witnessed her son allegedly getting into a vehicle with Crosby, Bruce said.

Crosby then allegedly drove the boy to Waterfront Park, the sheriff’s office said. The mother later located them there, Bruce said. The victim’s mother called deputies from Waterfront Park, saying she had just discovered a vehicle inside of which Crosby was performing a sex act with her teenage son, the report said.

“The mom was suspicious about (her son) leaving the house and not giving a good explanation,” Bruce said. “She watched him go down the street and get into another vehicle. She was able to locate that vehicle at the park. And that’s where she observed them in a compromising position.”

Bruce said the sheriff’s office investigation is pending and additional charges could be filed against Crosby.

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