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A shot from the opening of Episode 15 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead shows a ship wrecked near the southern end of Driftwood Beach, along with zombies in the distance wading from the ship onto shore. Filming for the show will take place again on Jekyll Island later this month.

Guess who’s back, back again? Zombies back. Tell a friend.

Excitement about the AMC drama The Walking Dead filming on Jekyll Island in 2016 could’ve resurrected a corpse or two. Three years later, the show principally based out of Senoia, Ga., is coming back to Glynn County as the writers return to the community of Oceanside.

Oceanside, in the series, is supposed to be based in coastal Virginia. The Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Georgia can look a little different in real life, but that’s why the show’s fiction and not purporting to be a documentary of the undead.

According to documents filed with and released by the state Department of Natural Resources’ Coastal Resources Division, Stalwart Productions has its letter of permission (LOP) to film, and conduct operations related to that filming, on Driftwood Beach, the boat ramp and dock associated with the Tidelands Nature Center, and along St. Andrews Beach.

Presently, the entire operation’s scheduled to run June 18-27, but that’s dependent on cooperative weather.

Driftwood Beach, which figured in during Season 7, will have a significant amount of activity. Driftwood was where Tara, played by Alanna Masterson, washes up and later taken inland to the Oceanside community, a highly organized and armed society of women and girls. Driftwood also figures in the opening to Episode 15 of Season 7, in which viewers see a steady stream of zombies wading onto shore from a wrecked ship located near the southern end of the beach.

There appears to be a different shipwreck Season 10, according to the documents involved, which is on the beach itself. There’s an involved process to get it there.

The shipwreck effect and its base will get to the beach via a 10-ton Pettibone-type lift.

“The shipwreck and tub-like base set pieces will be removed using shovels and hand tools and the Pettibone-type lift,” according to the letter of permission. “If hand tools are not enough to remove the set piece, a water pump will be used. The beach will be restored to its original topography when the filming is completed.”

Notable on one of the maps in the documents is a pin labeled, “Militia training and boat washed ashore.” The letter from Stalwart to CRD states, “A group comprising approximately 15-20 coastal community survivors are on the beach participating in martial arts training. A shipwreck is found washed ashore with approximately 15-20 passengers on board. As they disembark, a battle takes place between the island inhabitants and the passengers.”

It bears noting here a group called The Militia was made up of residents of communities including Oceanside, Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom, which fought Negan and the Saviors. The arrangement between the communities fell apart and a later reintegration led to what was called the Coalition.

If time allows, shooting on Driftwood will also include three people, accompanied by a dog, walking on the beach and having a conversation, and two young girls casting seine nets into the surf.

Action at the other filming locations is to be more understated. At the dock and ramp near Tidelands Nature Center, a fishing boat will arrive that’s greeted by around four people, with six to 10 islanders on the dock, including two girls with sein nets. Also, “A rescue boat is moored in the river channel; the rescue boat is approached by a smaller boat; the rescue boat is boarded and pulls away.”

At St. Andrews Beach, the crew will film a small fishing boat, carrying two to three people, approaching the island.

Public access to Driftwood Beach and the marsh bicycle trail will be restricted, for safety reasons, June 21-23, with June 24 as a weather contingency day. Access at the boat ramp will be restricted from 9 p.m. June 23 to 9 p.m. June 25, while no public access restrictions at St. Andrews are anticipated.

There are anticipated to be 150-225 cast and crew in town for the filming, who will stay at Jekyll Island hotels for the duration.

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