Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commissioners voted unanimously Thursday to accept an addition to the public sewer system on Harrington Lane on St. Simons Island.

A developer extended the sewer main along Harrington Lane by roughly 123 feet from 143 Harrington Lane to 151 Harrington Lane, said JWSC Engineering Director Todd Kline.

The extension will allow development on other nearby lots to connect up to the sewer system more easily when they’re built out as well, Kline said.

As part of the agreement, the developer accepted responsibility for fixing any existing issues or new problems arising in the next two years.

In other business, the commission voted to defer awarding a design contract for improvements to the Academy Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Commission Chairman Ben Turnipseed said utility staff members had vetted the applicants, but they wanted more time to look into personal references before making a final recommendation.

Additionally, he wanted to make sure the project did not overlap with an ongoing odor control study at the plant so that whichever firm gets the design contract can roll the results of the study into its plans.

Commissioners also voted to stick with accounting firm Mauldin & Jenkins to audit its fiscal-year 2018-2019 budget. The same firm audited the utility’s books last year.

Finally, the commission voted unanimously to remove former executive director Jimmy Junkin’s name from the list of those authorized to sign checks on behalf of the utility and to add Burroughs’ name to that list.

Just before the end of the meeting, Turnipseed said utility staff members plan to talk with the state Environment Protection Division about loosening regulations on sending out precautionary boil water advisories.

When a water line is breached, the JWSC issues a precautionary advisory to customers, alerting them that water in the area may be contaminated.

In some cases, a water line breach will only affect one customer but the utility will still be required to issue and publicize a boil water advisory. Turnipseed said utility staff plan to work with the EPD in an attempt to have them slacken the requirement.

The utility commission’s next meeting is scheduled for June 6.

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