Like many in the community, the news of the deadly vehicular collision Saturday evening on St. Simons Island, shook Frank Salvati to his core.

The 2019 Camaro driven by Jade McCray, 28, with her passenger, Callie Dean, 25, was traveling at a high rate of speed along Ocean Blvd., when it struck a Dodge Caravan, driven by Donna Lalley, whose husband, Kent, was in the passenger seat.

Both of the women in the Camaro were killed on impact. Donna and Kent Lalley’s son, Alex Lalley, told The News on Thursday that the condition of both his parents is critical and worsening.

Georgia State Patrol reports have indicated that driver impairment likely played a factor in the wreck.

While the complete details of the crash remain unclear, Salvati believes that others share his feelings about the accident.

“For some reason, this just really bothers me,” he said. “So I was speaking with (the Rev.) Steve (Temmer), and we decided to have a little prayer at the crash site. I am getting a big flower arrangement made that we will take there.”

The prayer will be held at 1:30 p.m. Friday, just down from St. Simons Elementary School on St. Simons Island. The public is invited to attend and join in the prayer. Participants are asked to park in the school parking lot.

Salvati plans to ask for police officers to help curtail traffic along the road during that time.

For Temmer, a pastor and owner Centered for Life, it is important to have the gathering as a way of bringing peace to the community.

“It started out with a friend (Frank) coming over to the office and saying this is what happened. I was actually out of the country so I didn’t even know, but he told me that he felt compelled to have a prayer service,” he said.

“Something this tragic doesn’t happen on our little island, so we wanted to offer up prayers for both of the families and praise God for the first responders. When things like this happen, it doesn’t just happen to one person, it happens to multiple people. So we wanted to cover our little community with prayer.”

Salvati and Temmer aren’t the only community members stepping up to help facilitate healing. Donations for the Lalleys are being accepted at Advance Rehabilitation, 4204 Coral Park Dr., Brunswick, and at 212 Retreat Village, St. Simons Island. Monetary donations, cards and gift cards are being collected to aid the family.

A GoFundMe page also has been set up for the Lalley family at

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