Candidate qualifications for the upcoming primary began Monday, with 14 Republicans and two Democrats qualifying for offices Glynn County residents will be able to vote on in May.

At the federal level, incumbent Republican Buddy Carter and Democrat Joyce Griggs qualified for the District 1 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Republicans Jeff Jones, the incumbent, and Buddy DeLoach qualified for the District 167 seat, and Republican incumbent Don Hogan and Democrat Julie Jordan qualified for the District 179 seat of the state House of Representatives.

Cody Smith and Sheila McNeill qualified for the state Senate’s District 3 seat. Incumbent William Ligon announced last week that he would not run for reelection.

According to the Glynn County Republican Party, eight candidates qualified for local offices.

Cap Fendig and Michael Haugen both qualified for the Glynn County Commission’s District 2 seat, incumbent Mike Browning and Sammy Tostensen for the District 1 seat and Bo Clark for the At-large Post 2 seat. Wallace Harrell qualified for magistrate judge, Neal Jump qualified for Glynn County sheriff and Jeff Chapman for tax commissioner.

Jordan, Glynn County Democratic Party chair, said no other democrats qualified on Monday but that more were on the way.

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