A vehicle under tow on a trailer hauled by an SUV plunged over the south-end side of the Sidney Lanier Bridge and into the marsh below Thursday night, bringing traffic to a standstill at the crossing of the Brunswick River on U.S. Highway 17, law enforcement reported.

No serious injuries were reported, although the driver of the SUV may have suffered facial injuries, according to emergency dispatcher scanner traffic.

The accident occurred around 8 p.m. Thursday as the southbound Ford Explorer was towing the trailer and vehicle over the arching bridge, which has a 185-foot-high clearance at its center, police said. The driver told Brunswick police he suspects the vehicle came loose because of the high crosswinds, “causing the vehicle and trailer to sway, ultimately causing the vehicle to go over the side of the bridge,” a city police report indicated.

Traffic was declared open again on the bridge at around 9:30 p.m., Glynn County police reported. A tow truck with a long winch line was called to pull the vehicle from the marsh.

The accident occurred in county police jurisdiction, but city police were the first to respond. Georgia State Patrol troopers handled the crash report, and all three agencies worked the scene together.

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