Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians sat elbow to elbow around the dinner table, sharing food and smiles on a cool November day.

Spirits were high for the Thanksgiving event, and the Pilgrims and Native Americans, who paired their traditional costumes with sneakers and furry boots, were the stars of the show.

Frederica Academy continued its Thanksgiving tradition at Epworth by the Sea on Nov. 22, when the school’s first-grade class and teachers, along with the students’ families, came together for a performance and meal at the Tybee House.

“It’s honestly my favorite event that we do here,” said Ashley Lavallee, whose daughter took part in the performance. “I think it brings the families and the kids together outside and brings history with it as well. It’s a beautiful day and a great tradition.”

Every year, the first-grade teachers at Frederica Academy pair their history lessons before the Thanksgiving holiday with preparation for the event at Epworth. The students learn lines and songs to perform for their proud families, who captured every moment of the show last week on their cellphones.

The costumes worn by the students are passed down every year from the previous class.

The tradition aims to educate students about the significance of the celebration between Pilgrims and Native Americans long ago, when people of different backgrounds and cultures came together, said Helen Adams, co-teacher of the first-grade class.

“After we have talked about the history, then we just tell them how they celebrated,” Adams said. “That’s the main focus — is the celebration of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians, being together.”

In preparation for the event at Epworth, the students also made place mats and other decorations for the table displays. Their parents prepared the lunch, and after the show everyone enjoyed a beautiful day of fun and food.

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