A teenager was caught in the crossfire of a shooting that occurred after midnight Wednesday on Ogg Avenue, suffering a minor gunshot wound to the knee when gunmen in a Honda opened fire on a home in the Arco community, according to a Glynn County Police report.

An aunt brought the 17-year-old to Southeast Georgia Health System’s Brunswick hospital at around noon Wednesday to receive treatment for the wound. An officer who met him at the hospital reported that the teen had a gunshot wound going through the side of the right knee and out the top of the knee, the report said.

He was the second person wounded by stray gunfire during a spate of several shootings in recent days in Brunswick and Arco, which police are investigating as possibly connected. County and city police are jointly investigating the shootings, Brunswick Police Lt. Jose Galdamez said.

A woman called police early Wednesday morning after stray gunfire went through her bedroom in the 3700 block of Ogg Avenue as she sat in bed watching television with her boyfriend, according to a report. The gunmen apparently were targeting the nearby home in the 3800 block of Ogg Ave., which was occupied by three children and three adults at the time of the shooting, the report said.

Shortly after the shooting, the residents there told police they were unaware that the home had been struck by gunfire, according to a report. But police have since learned that some of the adults at at the home may have returned fire, according to a Glynn County police report.

The young man was cutting across Ogg Avenue to visit a cousin at a nearby apartment complex when a four-door sedan pulled onto the street with no headlights, a police report said.

People were standing in front of 3802 Ogg Ave. when four men began firing at the home from the sedan, the latest police report said. “They caught them by surprise,” police were told.

According to the report, “the people who were standing at their front porch tried to fire back at the vehicle,” the report said. Police later found 28 bullet shell casings on Ogg Avenue.

Wounded by gunfire, the teen ran to Paulk Park off Wylly Ave., and fell asleep on a bench, the report said. A friend drove past the park, recognized him and took him to his an aunt’s house in Brunswick. The aunt discovered the wound and drove him the hospital.

The first incident of a person being wounded by gunfire occurred in the predawn hours Tuesday, a woman inside a home on Treville Avenue in Brunswick was shot in the leg from gunfire outside the home, according to Brunswick police. It was one of three rounds that hit the home, after which the suspected gunman apparently escaped on foot, Galdamez said.

Gunfire also struck a home early Tuesday in the 3600 block of Norwich Street and rounds also shattered the windows of an SUV parked in front of the residence. About the same time, a resident on Johnston Street in Brunswick returned fire with a gunman whose rounds struck a vehicle parked in the road, police said.

Anyone with information on the shootings is asked the call Glynn County police at 912-554-7802, or Silent Witness hotline at 912-264-1333. Also, those with information can call Brunswick Police detective Anthony Trollinger at 912-279-2640, or the Silent Witness hotline at 912-267-5516.

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