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Brunswick High junior Summer May, 17, is a singer, dancer, pageant winner and community volunteer.

Summer May is much more than just a pretty face. A dedicated dancer and singer, she also enjoys volunteering to make a difference in her community.

There is one place that allows her to showcase elements of all of those talents — the pageant stage.

“I did my first pageant in sixth grade. It was so exciting ... I was hooked,” the 17 year old said.

“I did my next pageant the next year. I got ‘princess’ for my grade level.”

Now a junior at Brunswick High School, she is continuing to pursue that passion. She has recently been racking up titles and trophies locally, most recently at her school.

“The one I did most recently was the Brunswick High School pageant,” she said. “I got 10th-grade princess.”

Summer has also signed on for Miss Georgia Teen, a division of the Miss USA Teen pageant system.

“I’m competing as Miss Brunswick USA. It will be Nov. 15, 16 and 17 in McDonough,” she said. “So the winner of this will be Miss Georgia Teen.”

With the competition date closing in, Summer has been busily preparing. She is working on her interview skills as well as sticking to a physically challenging level of activities.

“I ‘work out’ all the time because I dance constantly. We have an interview, fitness wear and evening gown,” she said. “We don’t have a talent portion though.”

She has been focusing on honing her skills by working with her teachers locally. They, she adds, have gone a long way toward making her feel more prepared.

“My chorus teacher, Ms. Frank, was a former Miss Georgia, and she has been helping me with the interview. My dance teacher, Megan Paul, has been helping me as well,” she said.

While it is a lot of work, Summer wouldn’t have it any other way. When she feels the spotlight hit her, it will all be well worth the effort. It is a lesson she has learned through her other areas of interest — drama and musical theater.

As a part of the Brunswick High School production team, Summer is a part of bringing various stories to life on stage.

“I’ve been in ‘Emma,’ this year, we are doing ‘School House Rock Jr.’ We have also done ‘A Tribute to Disco,’ various things like that and course concerts,” she said.

“I just love performing, going on stage and putting gonna show. I love to dance and sing, act and perform. I just want to make someone happy — going onstage and leave them with that feeling, it’s important to me.”

Sharing her love of pageants as a form of female empowerment is also important.

“I love getting all dressed up and feeling beautiful. It’s empowering. That’s my main goal. I just want to go out there and be a genuine Georgia peach,” she said with a laugh.

While she enjoys the glitz and glam of the program, she is most interested in helping other young girls become their best selves. Summer works with girls outside of her pageant program too to help them gain confidence and grow.

“I hope if I win this pageant, I will be able to encourage young girls and my students as well. I am a teacher with the Pint Pirates and I’m an assistant dance teacher at Southern Strut,” she said.

Sharing and inspiring is something that Summer hopes to make into a career someday.

“I hope that after graduation and college, I can get a master’s degree in early childhood education. Education is something that is so important to me. I believe that if you’re well educated that leads to success. These kids that we are working with are our new generation,” she said.

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