Superintendent of Glynn County Schools Virgil Cole announced Friday that he plans to leave the position after the end of this school year.

Cole sent a message to the school system team Friday morning announcing that he does not intend to seek renewal of his three-year contract, which concludes June 30, 2020.

“After much thought, prayer and ongoing conversation with my family, we have made the very difficult decision not to seek a new contract,” Cole wrote. “This decision has been especially tough, since my family and I love being members of and working in this community, and I deeply respect and admire the Glynn County Board of Education. I believe this is a very special place, with an outstanding board, community, parents, students and staff.”

Cole joined the Glynn County Schools leadership team in July 2017. He moved from Henry County, where Cole served as assistant superintendent of administrative services.

In his message sent Friday, Cole shared that he plans to move closer to family who are dealing with health concerns.

“Our decision is based solely on our need to be much closer to them so that we are able to spend time with and be available to help care for my family,” Cole wrote. “We don’t feel that we can do this adequately living and working over four and a half hours away. Throughout my life, my parents have supported me in my every endeavor, and it’s time that I do the same for them. This issue is not unique to me or my circumstances, since this affects all of us with aging parents at some point.”

The decision to leave has been difficult, Cole said, as he feels the school system has worked together to move forward in positive ways.

“Being the superintendent of GCSS has been everything I had hoped it would be and more,” he wrote. “I am still as humbled today by the awesome trust and opportunity afforded to me by this board as when I was selected for this job. They have been extremely supportive, and I have enjoyed working with this great team. Leadership, in my opinion, is about serving others, and I can only hope that I have given as much as I have received.”

Cole said he plans to work tirelessly toward a smooth transition throughout the rest of his time as superintendent.

“As I have done, I will continue to pray for this system and community, for blessings, wise decisions, strength, integrity, and to continue to make the positive impact befitting of this historic and special place,” he said. “I cannot thank everyone enough for all you have meant to me and my family.”

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