law day

Students tour of a courtroom in the Glynn County Courthouse Thursday as part of the annual Law Day event.

American law is steeped in tradition, formality and a rich history, all of which comes alive inside the walls of the Glynn County Courthouse.

The courthouse’s stately rooms and beautiful architecture serve as an appropriate backdrop to the important endeavors that take place there daily.

Local students visited the courthouse Thursday morning to see the law processes up close and to learn about important legal themes that drive the work there.

The Glynn County Bar Association hosted its annual Law Day event for AP government students from Brunswick High and Glynn Academy.

“It’s a really great experience for the kids,” said Caroline Schofield, president of the local bar association.

This year’s theme, she said, was free speech, free press and a free society. U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood and Superior Court Judge Bert Guy spoke to the students about the themes of the event.

The students also toured the jury assembly room, the holding cell for prisoners and a courtroom.

George Barnhill, a local attorney and immediate past president of the Glynn County Bar Association, shared some of the legal history that contributes to the common legal terms used today.

He asked the students if they knew what to call the long railing that separated the front of the courtroom from the audience benches near the back.

That railing, he said, is called “the bar,” like the exam all lawyers must pass before representing clients in a courtroom.

Free speech is an important topic to discuss with students, Schofield said, and learning about that crucial aspect of the law may inspire some to pursue a legal career.

“There’s a lot of good that we can do and that the power of the law can do in our lives,” she said.

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