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Tyrone Greene, pictured with his mom Wonell Baker, recently graduated from the STAR Foundation’s Employment and Education Readiness program, which helped motivate him to enroll in college and pursue a career in law enforcement.

Tyrone Greene graduated high school in need of guidance on his future.

Like many young adults, he had dreams of what kind of career he’d like but little knowledge on how to make his dreams reality.

A program offered by the STAR Foundation, a nonprofit in Brunswick that aims to empower adults with the skills to thrive professionally, gave Greene the tools he needed to take his first steps into the workforce.

Linjalynn Groover, a counselor at Brunswick High School, recommended Greene consider signing up for the STAR Foundation’s Employment and Education Readiness program.

Groover sent him to Kyajuana Gilbert.

“At first, I wasn’t going to do it,” Greene said. “But (Gilbert) caught me at school and made me fill out the form, and then she called me the next day. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll try it out.’ And it was a great program.”

The program gave Greene the motivation and skills he needed to successfully enter the workforce.

“It gets you ready for the job field,” he said. “You have to dress in uniform, you have to speak properly.”

Participants complete a program that helps them make decisions about career opportunities they want to pursue.

“The STAR Foundation will kind of help guide you in that way,” Greene said. “I wanted to work with kids at the Boys and Girls Club, and by the end of the program I was working at the Boys and Girls Club.”

The program lasts six weeks and serves adults of all ages.

Offered four times a year, it focuses on building computer skills, life skills, career readiness and financial management.

Greene graduated from the program last year and is now working toward completing a criminal investigations degree at College of Coastal Georgia.

Many of his family members work in law enforcement, he said.

“My aunt and a few relatives I stay with are in law enforcement,” he said.

Greene said he learned valuable lessons on how to brand himself and present a resumé to potential employers.

“Most of all, it just helps you out later on in life,” Greene said. “It’s kind of being humbled in way. Plenty of times, I didn’t want to wear the uniform, the beige pants and a blue shirt, but I had to remember, if I’m going to a job, I have to have a uniform, so I might as well get used to it.”

The STAR Foundation team offers tremendous support and will go to great lengths to help participants succeed, he said.

“If you need a ride to get there, they will come get you,” Greene said. “They stay late, and they don’t have to.”

To learn more about the STAR Foundation’s programs, visit starfoundation.org.

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