Daylight Saving Time is usually a good indicator around these parts that springtime conditions have arrived, but wintry weather will prevail through much of the first week of our extra hour of evening daylight in the Golden Isles.

Daytime temperatures will hover around the upper 50s to lower 60s through Thursday and dip into the upper 30s from Brunswick inland at night, according to the National Weather Service in Jacksonville. There is even a slight chance of a freeze overnight Wednesday, as temperatures could drop below the forecast of 34 degrees in Brunswick and further west, said Cindy Elsenheimer, a meteorologist with the weather service.

“Wednesday night through Thursday morning will be our coldest of the week,” Elsenhiemer said. “It will reach about 38 along the beaches, but farther inland we could get close to another freeze.”

On the bright side, the rain clouds that moved in overnight Sunday and stuck around Monday will give way to sunny skies through the weekend. By Friday, daytime temperatures will reach into the upper 60s to lower 70s, with an overnight low around 51, according to the weather service.

“It should be pretty dry through the end of the week,” Elsenheimer said. “You may see about a 20 percent chance of rain over the weekend, but that’s all.”

Fair weather should prevail for St. Patrick’s Day festivities on Saturday, with a daytime high of 71 under mostly sunny skies and tolerable overnight lows in the mid to upper 50. Folks can anticipate temperatures in the mid 70s with partly sunny skies on Sunday, according to the weather service.

That should set the pattern for more spring-like conditions next week, with daytime temperatures in the low to mid 70s and overnight lows in the upper 50s, Elsenheimer said.

In the meantime, she said, plan on keeping those sweaters and jackets handy for the next few days, at least. It could be worse. This minor cold snap is the result of yet another winter storm sweeping across New England and even into the Carolinas, the third nor’easter to bring heavy snow and high winds to that region in the last two weeks.

“This cold front is coming down from that storm that is hitting the Northeast,” Elsenheimer said. “It looks like the highs might struggle to reach 60 during the day this week, and of course it’s going to get chilly at night. Then by Friday things will start to warm up, and we expect to see that continue through the first part of next week.”

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