The front of Brunswick High is shown.

A social media feud between two Brunswick High School girls spilled onto the campus last Friday morning, creating a full-blown donnybrook that allegedly included at least five adult-age combatants who had no business being there in the first place, Glynn County Schools Police Chief Rod Ellis said.

In the brawl’s aftermath, 10 students and two adult teens have been arrested on criminal charges ranging from fighting to reckless endangerment, Ellis said. Additionally, schools police have issued arrest warrants for three other adults who were allegedly involved in the fight, which started at 8:10 a.m. on May 10 near the beginning of the school day. The investigation is ongoing, Ellis said.

The whole thing started over a boy, and Ellis said most of those involved in the fighting were girls. It began simmering the previous night on Facebook with threats and taunts between the two girls, he said. By the next morning, several people had taken sides in the much-publicized social media feud and were ready to fight, Ellis said. One girl recruited adults from off-campus, opening a side door to the cafeteria to let them inside, Ellis said.

“A lot of this came from Facebook,” Ellis said. “Trouble started brewing off campus and ended up on campus the following morning. We had a student that let other people in a side door to come in the building to come to the fight. We ended up charging 15 people in this. There may be more.”

The two girls who started the feud were ages 15 and 16, Ellis said. All of the 10 students arrested were charged and then released to a parent or guardian, he said. Other charges included inciting a riot, obstruction of the law and reckless disruption of a public school, he said. Additionally, the students involved will face a disciplinary hearing at a school tribunal, said Glynn County Schools spokeswoman Brittany Tate.

On the day of the fight, Schools police also arrested Reyneldon Alexander Harris, 20, and charged him with intentional reckless disruption of a public school and loitering on school premises. On Tuesday, Schools police arrested Abreyanna Scott, 19, and charged her with intentional reckless disruption of a school, fighting, criminal trespass and loitering on school premises. Harris was released later on May 10 from the Glynn County Detention Center on a total of $2,256 bond; Scott was released later Tuesday from the jail on a total of $3,639 bond.

County schools police are seeing an increase in social media disputes that translate into discipline problems on campus, Ellis said. Ellis cautions parents to monitor their children’s social media activities for troublesome behavior.

“It is not uncommon any longer to see things begin on social media and eventually make their way to the schools,” he said. “They start taunting each other on social media and that’s what inflames it. It’s really important for parents to know what their children are doing on social media.”

Schools police are taking steps to increase security and prevent a repeat of students admitting unauthorized folks onto the campus, Ellis said.

The boy who was the target of the girls’ mutual attraction played no role whatsoever in any of Friday’s trouble, Ellis said.

“It ended up just being a range for people getting involved in a fight that, for whatever reason, they felt they need to come help their friends with,” he said. “The one young lady figured she was going to get jumped and summoned her friends to help her out.

“That young lady will received additional charges as a result of opening that door. We are not going to tolerate this.”

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