Five vehicles flying Trump flags and with messages written on windows entered the parking lot at Oglethorpe Point Elementary in response to administrators there compelling a student to take off a Trump hat and flag he wore as a cape. The boy was decked out as “Super Trump” on Super Hero Day.

Pro-Trump drivers in two pickup trucks, two vans and an SUV staged a pro-Trump drive-thru the Oglethorpe Point Elementary parking lot as school ended Friday to show their displeasure that an administrator had compelled a student to remove a Trump hat and flag worn as a cape on Super Hero Day.

By the time administrators finished, the only identifying clothing left from the boy’s Super Trump getup was a shirt with a big T on the chest.

“It’s absurd what they did,’’ said Randolph Russell, as a College of Coastal Georgia student fastened a Trump flag to the top of his van.

Russell said there’s more at stake than a child’s costume.

“I think if [Trump] doesn’t win, we lose the country. It’s the most consequential election in my lifetime,” he said.

He accused the press of censorship and asserted, “What’s so alarming is you can have only one point of view.”

Some Oglethorpe Point parents and others were also angered over the student’s treatment and had spoken on social media of displaying pro-Trump symbols as students were dropped off Friday. That effort was called off over concerns of disrupting school, but some mainland teenagers and their parents said they had to do something.

Avery Kroscavage, 17, said he was upset by the incident and told some friends, “Let’s go show ‘em.”

Kroscavage said he also didn’t want to do anything that would disrupt classes and decided to do a drive-by as the school day ended.

“I wanted to let them know that what they did wasn’t right,’’ he said.

He was accompanied by several schoolmates and at least one parent.

There was a bit of a confrontation in the Zaxby’s parking lot where they had gathered when someone picking up food blasted out an extremely vulgar song about Trump. The students gathered around the car shouting and waving Trump flags some of which had a mild vulgarity of their own.

They had said earlier they would drive past the school, but the lead vehicle turned into the school grounds and the others followed. They were caught up in a long line of cars waiting to pick up kids but made it out after a delay and the short, low key demonstration was over.

The school system said it is looking into how the incident was handled.

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